About Victoria Hodge

Victoria Hodge grew up reading Georgette Heyer and Jane Austen, and after re-reading her favourites dozens of times, it was probably inevitable that she would decide to write her own Regency romances.

While she happily and endlessly debates which screen version of Pride & Prejudice is the best


[BBC 1995 starring Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth], her tastes are eclectic and range beyond the Regency era. She is both a proud Trekker and a devoted Cumberbitch.

After living in different cities around the world, including New York, Strasbourg, Firenze, and Chicago, Victoria now calls San Francisco home.

sf-fogShe enjoys the fog, which inspires her fanciful muse by evoking old London. The chilly San Francisco summers are perfect to enjoy a scone with some hot tea and lemon (or limoncello).

A former consumer advocate, jewellery designer, and screenwriter, she now focuses on story-telling, and sees life as fiction fodder. Victoria enjoys writing stories she’d like to read, and she hopes you enjoy them, too. Let her know, at victoriahodge.wordpress.com


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