The Magpie Masquerade (Part 6) – The Finale!

Part 6 of The Magpie Masquerade is now available!
Confusion, conflict, and crisis, all converge
in the conclusion of The Magpie Masquerade.

Magpie (Pt 6) [comp 299x488]
Marjorie must escape the machinations of her cruel Aunt Valeria and the threats of the slimy Sir Wrexham — but how? And where will she go?

Fin’s hurt pride leads him to make a terrible mistake — how can he get out of his entanglement?

Can the Magpie and Drake surmount heartbreak and hopelessness to find happily ever after?

What do YOU think? 😀

Find out, in Part 6 of  The Magpie Masquerade – the finale.


5 thoughts on “The Magpie Masquerade (Part 6) – The Finale!

  1. R.Vemb says:

    Read all 6 parts in one afternoon. Very enjoyable story. Loved the first 5 parts, but the ending was not as good as the rest of the story. It felt rushed and not satisfying. I know Heyer’s books end just like that most of the time without any glimpse into the happy future. But in the case of Fin and Marjorie, they had barely 5 min of conversation after a long separation and then the story ends. After such a great story and plot twists, the ending felt like a bit of a let down. But I cannot wait to read more of this author’s books!


  2. Beth Kastner says:

    Loved “The Maquerade”. The serial nature of the story, your humor, strong characters… wonderful! I cannot wait for more of your work. (And my three dogs want to hear more about Nelson.) Have a wonderful New Year and a prosperous 2016.


  3. Victoria Hodge says:

    Thank you Beth, for your kind words! I’m so glad you enjoyed “The Magpie Masquerade” — I had fun writing it. The sequel, “The Lover’s Eye,” is coming soon. And yes, Nelson is still very much a part of the story. 😀


  4. Shelby Bach says:

    Beautifully researched and crafted. Like all great works of historical fiction The Magpie Masquerade transports the reader to another place and another time. I particularly loved the clear and distinct character voices, as well as the authentic use of historically accurate colloquialisms. I sincerely hope there is a sequel for Finn and Marjorie?


    • Thank you, Shelby! Regency slang is quite colourful, it was fun to research it. All the characters became very real to me, so I’m glad their voices are distinct 🙂 THE LOVER’S EYE will be released soon, continuing the adventures of Marjorie & Fin. (If you signed up for my mailing list – at the end of each installment of the serial – you will get an early heads up of the release date!)


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