The Magpie Masquerade (Part 6) – The Finale!

Part 6 of The Magpie Masquerade is now available!
Confusion, conflict, and crisis, all converge
in the conclusion of The Magpie Masquerade.

Magpie (Pt 6) [comp 299x488]
Marjorie must escape the machinations of her cruel Aunt Valeria and the threats of the slimy Sir Wrexham — but how? And where will she go?

Fin’s hurt pride leads him to make a terrible mistake — how can he get out of his entanglement?

Can the Magpie and Drake surmount heartbreak and hopelessness to find happily ever after?

What do YOU think? 😀

Find out, in Part 6 of  The Magpie Masquerade – the finale.